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Strategy & Implementation

7MarketingMedia is an innovative, full-service strategic marketing consultancy firm that focuses on developing and implementing ideas. Our Team of industry experienced consultants and academic thought leaders, will help you develop and execute your company’s strategic plans. Our core team of consultants is comprised of world-class MBA consultants, industry experts, academic thought leaders, awarded designers and creative thinkers, that focus on adding value to your company’s products, services and brands by working closely with your team to develop and implement winning strategies. 

Market Research

We provide insight-driven business-to-business and consumer research, throughout the U.S. and worldwide. We are proud to help you carry your analytical quantitative and qualitative research needs to the next level. Our framework of research ensures that every research results are representative of your target audience.  We cover all your needs from focus groups to online research, while helping you make decisions to leverage the shifts in market trends, technology and consumer behaviour.

7MarketingMedia works with clients on specific online and offline research needs around new market entry, innovation, branding and customer acquisition strategies. Our research approach is based on decades of market research expertise.

With a multicultural team we are able to bring insights and understand consumer behaviour and attitudes across various cultural, economic ad political scenarios.

Wether your market research needs are for B2C or B2B industries, we can help you understand your target audience and create a strategy that is based on factual findings, so your brand can win in the marketplace.

Business Plan Development

At 7MarketingMedia, we help startups, entrepreneurs, brands and mid-size companies to develop strategic business plans that focus on growth and expansion. The business plans we develop cover various needs of a firm's growth plan including (but not limited to):

  • Unique Selling Proposition

  • Mission & Vision

  • Legal

  • Operational Processes

  • HR Practices

  • Strategic Partnerships

  • Marketing (4P's)

  • Analysis of the Competition

  • Financial Projections (break-even analysis, market analysis, sales forecast, personnel costs, profit and loss, balance sheet and, most important, cash flow)

  • Funding/Capital Raising

We are looking forward to working with you and helping your bran map its future, while assisting you in securing funding or finding a strategic exit.

Green Marketing Strategy

By exploring the core principles necessary to create competitive advantages and implementing innovative green marketing strategies 7MarketingMedia helps clients win in marketplace and develop strong bonds with the LOHAS Consumer (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability).

Everyday, shoppers are asking additional questions on their weekly shopping excursions and purchase decision-making. Questions such as; is the product environmentally friendly? Is the product organic? Is it worth the extra cost?, are redefining the retail and e-commerce space!

Thus, we can work with small and large companies and brand to develop and share their innovation and green marketing values in order to effectively connect with the "green customer." Today, businesses and brands needs to do more than sell products, they need to be part of the cultural shift and move toward a more sustainable marketing practice. Therefore, we help clients effectively communicate their efforts to be more environmentally, financially, and socially responsible.

International Strategy

With a focus on emerging markets and an expertise in the “booming” Brazilian Market we advise clients in making market entry decisions based on in depth research and industry analysis.  As facilitators and developers of business relationships in the Latin American market we offer you customized access to strategic alliances with key players in your industry. Our bilingual consultants are ready to develop a customized strategy so you can expand, develop relations and capitalize on the growing economies of emerging markets.

Inbound Marketing

We help create and implement inbound marketing plans that will attain your goals and grow your business.  Whether you need a full-service partner or a strategic guide, we’re here to help you.

Online inbound marketing is the promotion of a brand, firm, product or service through blogs, podcasts, videos, e-books, newsletters, whitepapers, free-samples, social media posts, articles and any other form of sharable content that your target audience would love to consume.

These viral pieces of content, serve to attract potential clients throughout the different phases of your customer acquisition funnel.

Because this can get very complicated, given the different pieces of content and various stages of your acquisition funnel, we use simultaneous interlocking tools to manage the entire process for you.  Consequently, if we don’t get the customer on the first corner, we’ll get them on the next and we’ll have the metrics to analyze the potential client’s behavior, so that together we can see what is working and what needs to be adjusted in order to build you a winning conversion funnel and get more leads.

Training, Workshops & Keynote Speaking

Whether through a full-day workshop or a 1-hour keynote speech we assure that we will make an immediate positive impact on your team’s performance.  With various marketing thought-leaders in our roster of speakers and instructors, we have delivered workshops, training programs and keynotes to national and international organizations and industry associations.  Throughout the years we have consistently helped companies and brands increase revenue, grow margins and improve their sales culture. Our Training Programs work and your team will become more productive and efficient. Regardless, if your business consists of a few reps or a large sales force, we can help bring knowledge and latest marketing best practices to your organization today!

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