Digital Branding

We are passionate about understanding, creating, and managing all the elements that communicate a brand’s positioning. Our creative team consistently delivers imaginative and effective design solutions tailored to each client’s needs.

Due to the way the Internet is fast evolving, especially through the social web and social media, there are now various digital channels which can be used to hold a dialogue between a brand and a consumer, or groups of consumers.

Given this, it's no surprise that branding concepts should be applied to use of digital media and technology to develop brands through interactions with consumers on the digital devices they're increasingly using including, such as mobile, desktop, laptop and tablet.

7MarketingMedia has a vast experience with UX Design (User Experience Design) and UI Design (User Interface Design), since both elements are crucial for the graphic design and usability of any digital channel.

Your company’s identity is crucial to its success because it is the manner in which your company presents itself to the world. Thus, we create and deliver UX and UI design guidelines that govern how all the images related to your brand (i.e. logo) are applied to the different communication channels.

Through the use of colors, materials and structure, our group of professionals will develop not just your logo, product and packaging but eye catching images that will create trust between your company and your customers!

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