Our success comes from optimizing online advertising and sales funnels to find you new leads and turn them into long-term paying customers.


In today’s competitive market, Search Engine Optimization is more important than ever because of the potential it creates for your brand. Search engines help millions of users to find answers to their questions, and if you have a website, blog or online store, SEO can show your brand as a provider of the solutions your customers or potential customers are looking for and consequently grow your business. At 7MarketingMedia we have vast experience in managing complex on-page and off-page SEO efforts in order for your website to rank in the first pages results for a wide number of related searches to your business and/or industry.

PPC (Pay Per Click)

Directing traffic to your webpage is not the same thing as directing the right traffic to your webpage. PPC ads help control the traffic of qualified leads to your website so that you can get  leads that are ready to buy your product or service. PPC campaigns are used to connect your business to potential customers who are searching for your offer. PPC campaigns can be setup relatively quickly and increase your visibility in search engines faster than organic search.

PPCall (pay Per Call)

Customer say that a call that they like receiving a call from a customer representative,  when they are interested in making a purchase, need assistance or do a mobile search. In our days smartphones make this process even easier, so your business might as well start taking advantage of call traffic. For marketers, this marketing method increases the quality and volume of leads converting. So make sure that your business is ready to call a potential customer when that customer is searching for assistance or is almost ready to buy!

Facebook Ads, Adwords, IG Ads, etc

Social media is a useful tool to increase exposure and traffic for your brand, create loyal customers, and generate leads and sales. 7MarketingMedia, can help you determine the right Social Media network  to advertise and find where your customers hang out. We work with all the major social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube and Yelp aside from helping clients with Google Adwords and Bing Ads.

Native Advertising

As an advertising option that has more potential to go viral than banners, and is more transparent than print, native advertising is quickly gaining popularity in the marketing world. As a concept, native advertising focuses on the idea of creating an advertisement that blends in with its surroundings and topic of discussion. Rather than being the main focus of the content, and potentially disrupting customers, native advertising provides content in the context of the existing user experience.

The chances are that you've already seen a number of different examples of native advertising when browsing online. For example, native advertising might refer to a suggested post on Facebook, a sponsored tweet on Twitter, or one of the videos recommended to you when you start browsing YouTube. At 7MarketingMedia we work with clients to develop native advertising that captures more attention,  builds up brand relevance and empowers customers with information.

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