We all at 7MarketingMedia were delighted to be invited to participate on a TV Globo International special report about 7MarketingMedia’s Founder and Chief Strategist, Alex Nascimento and his trajectory studying and developing his own Marketing Agency in US.

Planeta Brasil is a TV show broadcasted by Globo International, the international arm of TV Globo the largest television network in Brazil. The show features the best of Brazilian  business, culture, news, sports, health and entertainment in the United States. #PlanetaBrasil has been on air for 12 years and has successfully been the bridge between Brazilians living abroad and their home country.


Check out the full report and follow the transcription of the video in English below:


Next we will feature Alex Nascimento’s trajectory in the US, and how he opened his own Marketing Agency in California.

Alex did his undergraduate studies in Marketing in New York, where in 2001 he witnessed the horrible attacks of 9/11. He then moved back to Rio de Janeiro, but after 4 years he decided to come back to the United States. Now living in Los Angeles he teaches postgraduate Marketing courses at UCLA and manages a Digital Marketing Agency in Santa Monica, CA.

A little over 10 years ago, the “carioca" landed in Los Angeles to do his MBA at UCLA  and ended up staying in LA. Today he owns a full service Digital Marketing Agency that, even tough is located in Santa Monica, has the "look and feel" of Brazil.

  • Reporter:  So here is one of those modern companies where the employees can take a rest and work using flip flops? There is even a soccer ball here. Do you guys play soccer during lunch breaks?

  • Alex: Yes, we usually play during breaks. There is also a surfboard and and a few skates for the team to use.

  • Reporter: How is that ?

  • Alex: Well, we all have to work hard but also have fun.

  • Reporter: So, you must have a big line of people who wants to work with you, right?

  • Alex: We would like to think so, and yes we have fun here. We are all a big family!

  • Reporter: You started your journey in the United States in New York, right ? Why did you go there?

  • Alex: Yes, so I went to NYC to do my undergraduate studies. I had this opportunity and I graduated in 2002, right after the "September 11” when the city was in a very tense mood. This moment in history negatively affected all business opportunities in town, and consequently I decided to go back to Brazil.

  • Reporter: In this period that you were in Brazil, did you readapt yourself easily or were you with that thought of coming back to the US as soon as possible?

  • Alex: No, I am a big fan of Brazil! I am from Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, so I love Brazil, I think it is a great country! However, after 4 years living and working in Brazil I thought that having an international career was what I was really looking for. Therefore, the opportunity of pursuing an MBA in the United States would give me that chance. So, I came to study for 2 years at UCLA - University of California, Los Angeles - and graduated from the UCLA Anderson Business School.

Reporter: Alex is a specialist in Marketing Strategy. Besides running his company, he also teaches at UCLA.

  • Reporter: Nowadays everything is very mixed on the Internet. There are some people that have not even thought about becoming a brand or a celebrity and suddenly, through their social media posts, they acquire millions of followers and end up getting into this kind of business because one brand wants to advertise on this person’s page.

  • Alex: The tactics, strategies and tools of Digital Marketing are the same across most channels. A very popular channel, that a lot of people like to use the social media, which best practices consists of planning an editorial calendar for those platforms including:

    • What will you be talking about?

    • What is your voice?

    • To whom are you talking to and when are you talking?

Just like on a TV program, where you plan the questions that you are going to ask. So, the idea is the same. This concept comes from Public Relations, in the same way an editor plans the editorial calendar of a magazine or newspaper. We then transfer this concept into the digital world.

  • Reporter: What tips would you give to a person that has just entered into the social media and wants to have a lot of followers ?

  • Alex: This is a very good question. The main tip would be to define your target audience, to whom are you going to communicate, who is that person that wants to buy your product or service and what is their profile.

Reporter: Alex doesn't lose his ties to our Brazilian culture and whenever possible he visits our country.

  • Alex: I always go to Brazil, about 2 to 3 times a year. A part of my family lives in Brazil, another part in Miami and my mother lives here in Los Angeles.

  • Reporter: So, you don't take your laundry to your mom's house, do you?

  • Alex: No, no.. I don’t do it, although I have already thought about it!

  • Reporter: But it must be very comfortable to have your mother close to you, right?

  • Alex: Yes, of course. It is very nice, we get along very well. We always go out for lunch or dinner and she loves living in Los Angeles.

  • Reporter: I'm going to ask you a last question, but I think I already know the answer; Do you think about living in anywhere else?

  • Alex: For the moment I think about staying here in Paradise!

  • Reporter: Well, nice to meet you! Thank you so much!

  • Alex: Thank you, it was a pleasure having you here and nice to meet you too!

  • Reporter: Wish you luck and success!

  • Alex: For you too. Thank you.