In the brave new world of the Internet the breaking news of the death of the “King of POP” can travel faster on Twitter and on Facebook than on news power houses such as CNN, FOX, BBC or MTV.

According to family members Michael Jackson passed away at 1:07 pm PST. According to my research fans of the moon walker pop star started Tweeting about his death as early as 1:25 PST and Facebooking at 2:01 PST. Counter intuitively, The New York Times only confirmed his way to Never Never Land at 3:41 followed by MTV at 4:01 and CNN at 4:31.

In a time frame of less than 3 hours the search on Google “Michael Jackson Dead” resumed more than 33,000 results...WOW.

Is the Internet finally empowering each one of us with “real time” information? Is Ted Turner’s empire slower than Joe the “Twitter geek” from Boise, Idaho?

How does this translates into e-branding?

Well, that makes me think that in the Internet era any corporate mischievous marketing move or insider C-level information can leak faster than you could say “Beep-Beep!”

So for marketers out there I suggest the Youtube test:
If you wouldn’t broadcast your marketing strategy on Youtube then maybe you shouldn't do so at all!