Here goes not 100, not 10, but 5 simple ways to BEEF-UP your Twitter Branding Strategy.


1- A good way to push your message to friends of friends is to RT (retweet)! Just ask your network of friends to forward your original message in the following form: RT@originalsender: blablabla (original message).


2- Save characters when posting a URL/link. You want to focus your tweet into engaging your network to click on the suggested link rather then wasting the 140 characters with a long URL. Check out to shrink your URLs/links.


3- Check out the insights available at, benchmark the top tweeters tweeting strategies. Aside from finding many useful APIs, you will notice that Britney Spears disturbingly has more followers than CNN or Obama.


4- Use #HASHTAGS to push your message to audiences interested in a specific subject (keyword). Example: If you believe your new software is better than that of Bill Gates, tweet the following: “This software kills #microsoftoffice.” Now people looking for Microsoft Office related tweets can easily find you and potentially follow you.


5- Search on for tweets with keywords related to your brand (including your brand name) and get involved in the conversation. Also track and say bye-bye to the people who stop following you, with